Luca Di Maggio discovered the universe of the Secession movement, while he lived in Vienna for 7 years. He also attended the Vienna International School, where enjoyed the many inspiring art classes. Upon his return to Italy, he embarked to study Law at Milan’s State University; however, he soon understood that this path taken was not the road towards his true aspiration in life. He thus, changed his course and studied at other institutes – The Rizzoli School of Graphic Design and the GENESIO, European School of Design – where he obtained a graphic art degree and a web design diploma. His curiosity and will to discover the world led him to travel. He lived in New York City for some time, but was lured for several months to Tel Aviv by an exhibition project. After that amazing experience, he was granted a scholarship to attend some courses at SMFA, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

As a nomad hungry for new discoveries, Luca has improved and refined his artistic language. He connects cities where he lived with hypothetical places where to move without forgetting his almost obsessive need to exist and be in touch with nature. His painting results from the connectivity of multiple lines, as expressive strokes take form to create the subjects of his paintings that materialize on paper, patient or aggressive, depending on his mood. Faces, heads, an imprecise reflection on a mirror that externalizes his being, as self portraits – the interior part is the essence of the soul, experimenting to find the defined mark of its work is the fundamental technique. His colors are: royal blue, gold yellow, red and derivatives, black and neon colors.

As the diaries of his paintings tell of him, – If you don’t know yourself you live sleeping. This self – unawareness is a cause of confusion and lethargy. Often his characters are portrayed riding a bicycle, which represents freedom for Luca, but also struggle, just like life. You can live in freedom once awakened, but sooner or later, you will feel the pain of the struggle.

For Luca, the definition of artist is: doing the things that everyone can do and adding a personal touch that comes from the heart and spirit. Art is all about living your life without feeling the need to conform to the mass.

Through his experiments, Luca mixes his love for street art with classical art that had dazzled and lured him toward painting… Like the founders of the Secession movement, he unleashes his finished art work, he designs, he paints, he artistically expresses himself, with a holistic view of the arts, with his propensity to recover tradition while adding the spice of his own contemporary socio-cultural vision.

Luca Di Maggio, in search of an equilibrium.


2015 Imperfection reflection – Avantgarden gallery – Milan, Italy (double solo show)
2015 Art Lab – Galleri Heike Arndt DK – Kettinge, Denmark (group show)
2015 Youth for Elder – Traffic Gallery – Bergamo, Italy (group show)
2014 Discoveries II – Galleri Heike Arndt DK – Kettinge, Denmark (group show)
2014 Treasures – Galleri Heike Arndt DK – Berlin, Germany (group show)
2014 A.Y.C.P. – All you can paint Festival 3 – Halle, Germany (wall painting)
2014 Il mucchio selvaggio parte III – D406 Galleria d’arte contemporanea – Modena Italy (group show)
2014 Farbton Festival – Halle, Germany (wall painting)
2014 Fresh Legs – Galleri Heike Arndt DK – Berlin, Germany (group show)
2013 Moving Forward – Outdoor Festival – Roma, Italy (theatre wall painting)
2013 Starter Event – Freiraum Galerie – Halle, Germany (group show)
2012 In Art We Trust – Spazio 600 – Milano, Italy (group show)
2012 Zeichnungen Auf Papier – Solo Vinile – Milano, Italy (solo show)
2012 Self Balance – Traffic Gallery – Bergamo, Italy (solo show)
2012 A.Y.C.P. – All you can paint Festival – Halle, Germany (wall painting)
2012 Lose yourself to find yourself – Art Kitchen – Milano, Italy (solo exhibition)
2012 Art Fair – Roma Contemporary – Roma, Italy (solo exhibition)
2012 La crisi è del cuore – ACCA – Roma, Italy (solo exhibition)
2012 Venduto – Milano, Italy (group show)
2012 Print about me KunStart – Bolzano, Italy (group show)
2011 Pig latin exhibition, Mission Hill Gallery – Boston, U.S.A. (group show)
2011 Print about me – Torino, Italy (group show)
2010 The underbelly project – New York, U.S.A. (group show)
2010 Biennale – Tel Aviv, Israel (group show)
2010 Castiel gallery – Tel Aviv, Israel (live painting)
2010 Inspiration art festival – Tel Aviv, Israel (group show)
2008 Art of football Nike – Milano, Italiy (group show)
2007 Art – Street Art – Genova, Italy (group show)
2006 Cento Stili – Triennale – Milano, Italy (group show)
2006 Street’s miseducation – Milano, Italy (group show)
2006 Street up and cross – Maffia – Reggio Emilia, Italy (group show)
2005 Ready Made studio – Milano, Italy (group show)
2005 Serbatoio Acqua Potabile – Milano, Italy (solo exhibition)
2005 Bar Antica Brera – Milano, Italy (solo exhibition)
2005 COX 18 – Milano, Italy (live painting)
2005 Riot Store – Milano, Italy (solo exhibition)
2004 Studio Jacaranda – Milano, Italy (group show)